29th of February

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It was as dull as the afternoon when we met
But you still offered me the warmest welcome I never thought I could ever get
As the days passed by, we get along too well
Right there I never knew that we’ll be going through good and hell

And when our song starts to play it still reminds me of all our good old days
Oh well, what can I say?
I hope all this will not go to waste but it’s a shame
Coz’ I think our time is just as short as the days of February

Isn’t it funny?
That I’m saying all these?
I don’t know how this one will end
But I sincerely thank you for everything and apologize for all my shortcomings, my friend

They say that infinity means no end and so is our path
I believe that one day no matter what happens, who you are with and where will all these may take us we will still meet again