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I’ll stay away
Gone to another place
Far away from home
Never seen places before

Give me time
Hold the distance
I may not be there
But you’re always on my mind

The guitar plays a tune
The wind rushes around
My heart beats like a drum
And the moon covers the night

Still, my mind keeps thinking
Are you doing fine back home?
Or needs someone to carry you on

Then he talks a wide small talk
We said past is a long way back
How years pass and we didn’t see each other
We both knew nothing could change now

And they’re down calling us for dinner
But we still talk and knew each other
Then we get down and eat our food
I see how you all, grown up a whole

Though a decade passed that I didn’t meet you
I knew how we knew we could still do
The things that were not meant for us
Then cried inside about the truth tonight

You all were smiling like nothing’s wrong
And we all got full and I felt really belong