Teenagers Starting a Blog; a Problem?

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For a teenager to start his new blog would be overwhelming sometimes and perhaps we underestimate what blogs can do.

Most people who start blogs are those who want to share their lives or knowledge with everyone. It is more like a reality show or National Geographic.

Whatever your reason for starting a blog though is not why we’re here. We want to know if teenagers can start a blog and run it normally.

First of all, there’s nothing that says it is illegal for teenagers to create their blog, not as of this writing. Anyone who knows what they’re doing can easily make their site.

Today, it has even made easier for everyone to make websites. Drag-and-drop website builders are available for the first-timers whilst content management platforms (CMS) like WordPress are for more advanced users.

However, for those who know how to code, of course it will be easier for you to cater your website to whatever you want.

To start or make your website, you would be needing some money to start with. For the lowest and good service, having $10 for the first month of website stuff is enough.

However, for the whole year, it could take from $100 to even $1000 depending on how much growth your website would manage. This is if you want your domain and more control over your website though.

If you are looking for free website makers, you can try Blogger by Google which is a free-to-use platform unless you want to use your domain.

By using Blogger, your domain could look like this; mywebsite.blogspot.com whilst when you own a domain, you can choose it to whatever you want.

But, why would a teenager want to start a blog? Well, our technology today makes it easier to share information with everyone through the internet. And there’s no denying that teenagers are the most involved here.

Therefore, it’s not enough to post pictures to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or whichever social media platform you use. Or, not everyone uses these services so maybe having a website would come in handy.

By having a website, website owners can target audience who’s not on social media platform which expands their influence. That’s their game anyway, to influence as many as possible.

So I don’t see any problem for a teenager to start a blog. You just need to decide if you would want a free or paid website to start with and of course you can transfer your site later.

It’s a brilliant and considerate move to have a website blog along your social media accounts to compile everything into one place that anyone can access without the need for an account.

What are your thoughts? Are you having problems starting your blog? Why do you want to start a blog? Or have you got further questions? Just drop ’em below and I’ll get down to it!