Complete Strangers

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Always wakes up with a smile
Have no reasons to sigh
Walking straight to the stairs
No one cares about my face

Staring straight into the horizon
I’m daydreaming like I think a ton
Running in circles, the whole day long
Like to my shadow, I only belong

Who’d knew one day I will meet you
The one who can make me new
Who introduced me to myself
And shown a light to lit my place

I didn’t choose you and neither do you
But what I feel, I’m sure it’s true
Hear my heartbeat that beats your name
Who shouts it loud without a shame

This feeling’s good and it’s enchanting
But I think I miss who I really am
It’s time to withdraw from this sea
So I can see who I can really be

I’ll miss the moment when we’re together
When we only knew was us forever
I’ll just handle all the cries and pain
And the fact that we’re a complete stranger again