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You gave the best memories
Smiling at the back while running to the street
You never knew what I did though
The lights were dim before I knew

I never notice some things will change
I didn’t hope for everything to tear apart

And you never come back
Drop the beat and the flashback starts
I see us laughing and dancing with the stars
We never know what will happen next
We just let the beat end

Going through a lot of stuff
Making a movie out of my mind
All the things I think ends with a fall
And the melody starts with the deepest bass of all

I never knew wind passes by
I didn’t want to call someday, somehow

And say we made the best memories
We shared the best humors, candies, and cakes
We came back with the game on our hands
We start our turn and never looked back

And tonight in my room
I see our pictures in the album
All I see is what they call love
And now the lights began to crack

It all started with a smile
Deep stares on each one’s eye