Does IQ Really Matter? – Perspective

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This has been a discussion for a very long time and people aren’t convinced of what IQ tests deliver. In fact, most IQ tests are simply unbelievable.

If we’re going to talk about people with IQ above 170, does it matter for them? What about at around 140? Would it be the same? And so, does IQ really matter?

No one can say that IQ tests, especially those which are found online are a fraud. These tests are too vague to actually formulate conclusions about it.

With that being said, it’s not totally useless to try and at least know approximately in which IQ group you belong.

These tests are not to be taken seriously as said above but rather be a basis to identify which part of your mind you’re not quite good at.

IQ tests measure which part of your brain performs well and which part doesn’t, knowing this, we can say that we shouldn’t judge someone, even ourselves just because of an IQ test.

They may have 150 IQ but they may lack creativity too. Or people who have 90 IQ perhaps can be so good at making something out of nowhere.

It is also proven by Science that our brain performs only as one because the left and right hemisphere are connected with the corpus callosum.

The right brain takes care of creativity while the left is for logic. So by connecting the two brains, we can say that we have only one brain.

So to answer the question, “Does IQ really matter?” can’t be so validated because even our brains only work together to function.

In fact, no one has actually ever measured Albert Einstein’s IQ which is one of the most popular scientists who changed how we look at the world.

But most assume that he could’ve had the same IQ as Steve Jobs which can be, in our time can quite unbelievable because Steve hasn’t actually done much, mathematic wise.

Steve Jobs made Apple skyrocket and helped build the foundation of how the company is now today so perhaps we can say that he has in fact created Apple, iOS.

And if we’ll compare it to Einstein’s generation, we could say that it made the same impact on how the world works.

Furthermore, the real IQ of a person can’t be really measured accurately because our brain constantly changes and so making an initial measurement won’t be so plausible.

Most geniuses would also probably not believe in all these IQ stuff which makes it even more complicated and simpler simultaneously.

It has indeed become complicated because of how even they would probably get a high IQ result, it’s also simpler because then we won’t be needing to base intelligence on IQ.

Simply because if the ones who are actually good don’t believe in it, then what does that mean for those who haven’t got much IQ.

Basing our intellectual capabilities within IQ is not the best thing that we can do. So instead of caring much about IQ, it’s better to improve more on where you actually lack.

What are your thoughts about this? Does IQ matter? Should we be serious about our IQ? The discussion is open below.