Exposed: Stormgain is a Scam

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Every one of us who’s at least not born rich wants to earn more money for living. But most of the time, the methods that we use aren’t the best.

This is what happened to me. I am so enraged and it’s not going to get better.

I started to sign up for an account on Stormgain to try their service. I used the demo account first as not to waste my money when I actually start to do trading.

I managed to make the initial 50,000 tether to 190,000 tether in just a day and so I thought, this is going good so far.

And so I waited again to try their service for a few more hours, still, it’s going good.

Then, when the inevitable happened and I was so stoked to try the service with a real account, and so I did.

But then, the exact moment I received the funds on my Stormgain account, all the signals disappeared. Then I thought, perhaps it just does that sometimes.

Signals are indicators which means that you’ll likely get profit from the trade.

Then I tried to finally trade, my first trade was, you guessed it, unsuccessful. I lost a lot of money.

I deposited at around 240 tether and I expected to atleast earn 70% on my first day since that’s what happened on my demo account.

But it didn’t.

It went on and went on and I’m still being optimistic that I can just trade again and I’ll get my funds back.

I tried to sell because I said to myself, “Oh well, I am so good at predicting the downfalls of the assets, might as well do selling then”.

Guess what, I still haven’t got any. And now, I am outrageous.

I started contacting their email support at [email protected] but they never answered me directly with my dispute.

They just proceeded to say that, “Hey customer, we’ve received your message, what can we help you with?”.

Then I again sent them a new email in hopes of actually being served the right response, but no. They never did

That’s how I came up to the conclusion that Stormgain is a SCAM.

Nothing more, nothing less. They don’t intend to help their customers.

It’s just my dumb me that let me add funds to my account and excitedly traded because “my demo account” is going good.

And it was just too late when I realize it’s all but a scam.

Stormgain is a big SCAM.

It’s obviously programmed to make your demo account successful but not your real account.

It’s as obvious as it can get but I was just dumb to continue trading and losing my money.

Again, Stormgain is not legit, it is an obvious SCAM. I’ve fallen to the pit, don’t go after me.


  • Is Stormgain scam? Yes.
  • Is Stormgain legit? No.
  • Does Stormgain support works? No.
  • Can you make money with Stormgain? No.