Floating reCaptcha button on Website

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Why is there a floating reCaptcha button on a website, you may ask? It is because Google reCaptcha has now upgraded their anti-bot tool to a further level.

This time, users won’t need to choose between pictures or tick a checkbox. The reCaptcha happens while users are interacting with the website. So it monitors how website visitors interact with the website and learns through it without needing extra user interaction.

Although it might be less accurate than the previous reCaptcha, this new version is more user-friendly because there will be no more inaccurate display of images. Before, the images are not even optimized and sometimes won’t match what is on the description.

This upgraded way of filtering bots is called reCaptcha v3 which is the successor of reCaptcha v2 which requires visitors to tick a checkbox to validate an action. It has now become easier for humans to do online tasks without the hassle of clicking on stuff to verify their humanity.

It has arrived at Google that the old way is really not as thoughtful as they thought it would be. Thus, tried to make it simpler and more intelligent by having an automated verification rather than manual input.

This is rather a smooth move from Google which makes the online community away from bots easier than ever before. So the reason why there’s a floating reCaptcha button on a website is because of a simplified yet more intuitive version of reCaptcha.

Having a captcha tool an a website is just one of the tools that you can have to improve your website’s performance. You should find more blogging tools that will be useful to you if you’re a webmaster and install them on your site for optimal security as well.

We should be thankful for those who have implemented it on their sites because they removed the hassle with verification. Especially when the “Choose the traffic lights on the image below stuff” which even humans fail to do. Well, I guess that wraps up this topic. If you have further questions, just ask it below and I’ll try to deliver.

Learn more about the new reCaptcha v3 here.