How the Coronavirus Is Affecting a Teenager’s Daily Life?

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The year 2020 hasn’t been good to us yet. With volcanic eruptions, World War 3 issues, wildfires, and the pandemic Corona Virus, everything has been falling since then.

The coronavirus has been existing for the past few years already, however, the pandemic that has started in China is a newly discovered type. Which is now called the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

It has hit China in late 2019 and has been since spreading to the rest of the world until today, March 2020. Even though China is the origin of the said virus, Europe is now the epicentre of the COVID-19.

By the events of this, it has led many countries to implement a community quarantine which means that the community can wander outside their houses but has a limit to where they could go.

Some establishments are starting to lessen their work hours and some have closed down already. Most schools, if not all are already demanded to close while the observation of the quarantine.

With the closing of schools, it doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any ongoing classes anymore. Classes will now be held online through the method which the schools or the teachers choose.

In spite of this, students or teenagers who are known to be the most active of all human groups are now isolated at their homes for the rest of the duration of the quarantine. This gives me a perspective of what would happen to those who are quarantined.

Since classes will be done online, students wouldn’t need to stress themselves from waking up early to go to school. They could simply wake up, do some hair fixing, and they’ll be good to go.

However, not everyone likes to be at home. Not everyone calls their house, their home. So with these upcoming days, the students will be confined to their home with their family and who knows if what the students really feel.

Household conflicts exist on every family. Some teenagers use school to escape from this, they can talk to their friends and be who they are without the stress of what’s happening inside their house.

They can be carefree and do the things that they would want to do without someone preventing them. It could be good or bad for them, but then again, that makes the person – the person.

Coronavirus is affecting not just the elderly people with the sickness that it gives. It has also delivered problems which are neglected by most people and this is crucial, especially for those who have depression or anxiety.

On the other hand, students who have social anxiety may advantage more of the community quarantine.

There’s a lot of things going on everyone’s life, but not everyone is willing to look at other people’s problems and consider. Some are plainly selfish that they only care for their emotions, that the emotions of the people surrounding them are irrelevant.

I guess this is how the world works, people are not meant to be perfect. They’re meant to make mistakes and to hurt other people with or without them knowing that they’re doing so.

These problems have been existing since the beginning and I, for myself certainly think that without an honest and two-way communication in the family, all these problems will keep stacking on each other until there’s no turning back.

It is advised to stay at home during the community quarantine that has been declared to your place. Stay updated and stock up on food to prevent starvation when the need arises.