How to Learn a Language Fast – for Real

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Learning a new language is full of complex rules. No one would learn a language in just a day. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible too. I can speak 4 languages and understand at least 6. I’m not even the best language learner in the world but my point is, if you’re like me then you should continue reading this.

There are different criteria to consider when learning a new language, and learning a new language fast depends more on your native tongue or the languages that you already know.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

I’m not a genius but I’m doing my best to learn languages. Some of my methods could work for you but some might not. So I’m going to share the things that I do to achieve it.

Do Your Interests

If you’re struggling with the conventional way of books and watching stuff on Youtube, then do other things that suit your interest. Otherwise, if you find yourself productive with reading books and watching videos, then do that.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

There are different ways to learn a new language and some are free and others are paid. If you would rather pay to learn, then you can try paid language-learning websites like Babbel and Memrise. But if you like it free, then websites like Duolingo and Youtube are the best.

Some may find themselves learning through games, while some are with talking to other people who know the language they’re learning. Whatever methods you’ll use, as long as you’re interested in it, you’ll learn better.

Learn the Grammar first

Most of the time we don’t know what to do after learning to introduce ourselves and count on the new language that we’re learning and so leaving us wondering what’s next.

Then, learn grammar. By that, I mean that you should know how sentences are structured first, do nouns have genders, how they count to 1000, and everything about the grammar.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

Once you’ll get a good grasp of the grammar, then you’ll be able to understand how the language works and so making it easier for you to comprehend how words are structured. By then, you’ll only need to worry about vocabulary which is I think is the last part of learning a language, learning more words.

Be Consistent

As the same as with other things that we do, if we want to excel then we should be consistent. Spend at least an hour a day to learn the language. You don’t need to learn it like how it is taught at school. You can simply read texts in that language. Or if you love watching movies, then try to find movies with the language you’re learning, either with the actual language audio or subtitles.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

For me, at first, I tried watching with subtitles and I understood nothingI consistently swapped from tab to tab just to translate words.

But after some time I learned more words and understood how the grammar works and I can then understand the text by the context without needing to translate everything.

Keep it Short

Sometimes you just need to keep it short. Five words a day can sometimes just be it. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be going to limit yourself to only word a day. It’s more like, if you’re already familiar with the language and finds it hard to learn more words, you can start with five words a day. And then ten words the next day and so on.

As with anything, find the best that suits you. If you can remember more words than this, then do that.

Don’t Lose Your Motivation

Learning a language is difficult and it appears sometimes that we lose our motivation, but try not to let it happen. Always remember the reason why you started learning that language. The goal that you want to meet when you started.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

If you think that you’re not making any progress, it’s actually when you’re learning. Just like me, it was already 2 months and I still can’t understand most of the words that come out of my teacher’s mouth and then we had winter break. After the break, I just suddenly started to understand what they’re saying and more and more things made sense.

That’s when I realized that the more I thought I’m not learning, it’s when I actually do.

Speak More

Okay, now this one’s tricky. I thought at first, this doesn’t make any sense. How can you speak when you don’t how. But one day I gave it a shot and it did help. Aside from giving you the confidence to speak the language more, you think of everything that you know when you speak it. It’s different from when you’re just thinking or writing about it.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

Now, one of my philosophies when learning a new language fast is to speak more even if I’m not so familiar with it yet. Because if we’ll wait to be perfect, I’m sorry to break it to you but that just won’t happen.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

We’re learning a new language. It may be our second, third, fourth, or whatever it may be. But reaching fluency is only one of the things that we can wish of but it’s more or less difficult to reach that point.

We can say that our comprehension may be perfect but speaking perfectly is just beyond the geniuses. So don’t be afraid to fail if you want to learn a new language fast.


There’s no real shortcut on learning new languages. We just need to find what we’re familiar with to be more productive on what we’re doing. But the fact that you started to learn more, to come out of your comfort zone is more than enough to know that you’ll gonna make it.

You might also have read online that a person’s IQ determines if he can learn a new language but that’s untrue. IQ is such a wide topic and by saying that it directly connects to language learning is so vague.

How to Learn a Language Fast - for Real

Try to apply one or more of the things listed here to reach your goal faster. If you have any questions, feel free to leave it below.