How Trading Cryptocurrency Has Changed My Life

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This is not your usual cup of tea where someone has become a millionaire by trading. This is the reality of trading, in specific, cryptocurrency trading. I have been starting to trade since the beginning of 2020 and I have had good results.

The first time I tried trading is when I had enough money to trade and I discovered an app called Stormgain. At first, I couldn’t understand anything but still proceeded to trade. As you would have guessed, I lost everything. However, before that demise, I was able to multiply my initial deposit to up to 5x.

After that, I was so devastated, I could have at least withdrew my initial deposit as so I could have started from the bottom again, but I did not think of that too.

I messed up, big time. That’s what I was saying to myself for like 3 days after the trade. And then I talked to a friend and he said that that’s how trading works. And that clicked on me, even though I’m aware of how big the risks of trading are, I still wasn’t able to keep myself up.

Some days after that, I moved on. Then weeks later, I was able to have a grip on some money again, and so the dumb me proceeded to trade again. I once again, made it go up to 3x the initial amount. However, after some time, I lost everything again. But this time, I was more untroubled, I did not feel so devastated.

I learned since then that if I’m going to take the path of trading, then I might as well prepare myself for the worst. I would say to myself that, trading is not expecting for the best, it’s expecting for the worst. Because if you expect for the worst, there’s really nothing to lose.

First of all, because you’ve already decided that it’s all going to fall, then there shouldn’t be any expectations. Whatever comes out of your open trade, that’s it.

Some weeks after that second trading, I traded for the 3rd time. This time, I went big, more than the amount of my first two trades. I was not gaining profit by planning long-term trades, so I did short-terms and the money was just cashing in everywhere.

Needless to say, I multiplied my money again, but this time, I don’t really know what happened because things were predictable than they were before when I first started trading. Then I remembered what I said on my first trade, that’s just how it works.

And then again, I remembered what I said on my second trade, to expect the worst. So now that I lost everything again, I can’t say that I’m quitting but I would say that I am more than ready to help someone who wants to understand trading, especially the dark sides of it now than ever before.

That’s why in this blog, I will now start talking more about cryptocurrency to increase awareness about how big the risks of trading are and that losing is more common than gaining profit.