Hummingbird WordPress Performance Plugin Review

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WordPress consists of many plugins that can make your website load fast. But despite that, there’s always something that will stand out.

This optimization plugin focuses on ease of use and most features are available on the free version.

If we’re talking about website speed, this plugin deserves to be mentioned. It offers the following services.

  • Performance Test
  • Caching
  • GZip Compression
  • Asset Optimization

Those are handy tools to make your website load faster. All are available for free upon installation of the plugin.


We’re getting this straight. Hummingbird is a performance plugin, but, what can it offer?

Just to give you a heads up, I do honest reviews on this website to help other bloggers like me to decide on which to choose.

This plugin delivers superior performance optimization to your website.

If your site is a powerhouse to many plugins, then your website might load slow.

Luckily, with this plugin, it brings back the freshness of a new WordPress installation.


I have mentioned above that this plugin is available in the WordPress repository for free.

You can get all the necessary features just with the free version alone. However, if you want additional or better optimizations, a paid version is also available.

I don’t recommend going for the paid version though as you’ll pay at around $40 if you only want this plugin.

But along with the membership, many other plugins are also available for download.


Other performance optimization plugins that are available on the WordPress repository are good too but what sets this plugin apart from them is its simplicity.

You can just click on a button and it applies the recommended settings to your website.

Unlike other plugins that include complex options in their settings, which makes it not user-friendly.

This saves a non-coding website owner to optimize his website as activating it is as simple as clicking a single button.


These are the key options that you should look for when installing a plugin that promises to optimize your website.

Because optimization plugins are supposed to help not to add more load to a site.

Hummingbird is the best choice when it comes to making your website fast. You can see it for yourself.

Measure your website speed on GTMetrix before installing Hummingbird and do the same after installation.

Just make sure to enable the GZip compression option that comes with this plugin as it is the one that contributes best to the website optimization.

Hummingbird is a real game-changer when it comes to speeding up your website.

I strongly recommend adding it to your installation as with a free version, it provides you with features that are top-notched.