Just for Me

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Waking up with the same straight face
Walking down the aisle with my black case
Read words on the board from the top to base
Canteen seats, I go to the blank space

Ride the bus home and to my bed
Papers all around, it’s in my head
Eat my dinner and play with red
Close my eyes and ”goodnight”, I said

The sky seems so dark when days repeat
The wind chills when I walk down the street
The crowd seems sad, I’m in the midst of it
My eyes are close but I see concrete

I never woke up with a smile on the face
I never said what’s inside the case
I never said I understand
I never said I got to eat

I have a bike but they’ve broken it
I have not said it’s about school
I have a dog and his name is red
I have mentioned bed but I can’t sleep

It seems like I’m in a dark place
The wind blows as it will never again
See me in the crowd not awake
Then I opened my eyes, my friend appeared