Never Ever Set Your Stormgain Multiplier to more than 8x!

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Trading cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to earn fast money. All you need to do is deposit your money, predict which way the coin price will go, and trade. However, not every application or website offers this kind of service. In my experience, only Stormgain offers it.

With the simplicity of trading in Stormgain, there’s no doubt that most beginners would choose it because the other services that can be found are too complicated for a newbie to get hold of.

Stormgain allows its users to use a multiplier with Bitcoin of up to 200x while the most coins max at 50x. These numbers are bigger than what you might have thought. For example, on a 200x multiplier, you’ll assume a trade of 200 USDT for every 1 USDT that you trade.

Basically, it means that if you have started a trade of 100 USDT with a multiplier of 200x, then your ongoing trade is considered to be 20,000 USDT so every loss or profit that will happen will be based on 20,000. That’s why it is very important to understand that with this large of a number, the risk is pretty high too.

I recommend then to never ever use a multiplier above 8x to lessen the risks of your trades. In this way, your profits may roll in slower but in the case of an unfortunate, then your funds are safer too. There’s really no point of earning fast if you could also lose everything fast.

The reason why I’m saying this is because of experiences. I have tried and started trading with the 200x multiplier and my money flew off faster than the blink of an eye. Then since then I reduced to 50x, the same thing happened. After some time, I started using 5x multiplier and that’s when I realized that it is the safer way to trade because even if you predicted it wrong, your funds will be safer than having a higher multiplier.

The thing is, if you’re confident with your prediction, then try to use the 8x multiplier, but if you’re unsure and just want to open a trade, go for the lowest 5x. Also, try to wait for the signals to appear before even starting a trade.

Signals are notification or recommendation to open a trade from the Stormgain team themselves. They claim that their signals have 65% success rate which is fairly high compared to just guessing out of nowhere.

It will also be wise to not put all your money on a single trade. You should always have a good amount left to increase the amount of your trade in case it is badly losing. In that way, you can still profit if the tables turn. This is one thing that I have always practiced but then proceeds to forget when I’m gaining a lot.

One more thing that I would want to say is one of the very basics but is very important too. If you have already gain enough profit to do a trade independent of your initial deposit, then withdraw your initial deposit already. By doing so, you will not blame yourself if you’ll somehow lose everything and also, you could then again start from the bottom if such thing happened.

Trading is not easy, especially when dealing with the risks. You should know that more people are losing all their money on trading than even gaining something.