Permalink Structure that Professionals Use

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If you’re running a website, you should take into consideration its permalink structure. It can impact your SEO negatively or positively.

Now, I’m going to let you know what is the most recommended permalink structure for your site.

What is a Permalink?

A permalink is technically a permanent link that directs to a particular web page or content in a blog.

To make this simple, it is a website’s URL. This is what gives internet users the ability to easily access a site’s content.

Make it Simple

The best thing that you can do to have a better SEO ranking and credibility upon search engines is to make things simple.

Make your links prettier by applying the shortest URL possible.

This doesn’t just make your links look good, it also allows your visitors to easily remember the link and makes them go back to it whenever they want to.

I recommend editing your permalinks manually. Let’s take this post as an example, its permalink is

It’s a simple three-word slug which identifies the post’s location on Bedroom Thoughts.

That’s a manually edited permalink which is my preferred structure.

However, you can also try a post-name only structure. This will make your post title as the link of your post.

Again let’s take this post as an example.

Its title is Permalink Structure that Professionals Use but the permalink is different but not so far from the post name.

It is also a short permalink and easy to remember.

However, if you’ll manually edit it and change it to something relevant to your content then it’ll be easier to remember.

Don’t do this

If your site is running in WordPress then be informed that you can change your permalink with 5 pre-configured structures.

  1. Plain
  2. Day and name
  3. Month and name
  4. Numeric
  5. Post Name

As seen above, you can easily set it to the ‘Post Name’.

Additionally, WordPress also allows you to make a custom structure on which you can edit right below the ‘post name’ option.

This permalink structure editing is accessible by navigating to your WordPress dashboard navbar on the left.

Just hover on the settings options and find and click the permalink option.

I don’t recommend choosing the custom structure as to not mess with your website, especially if you’re new to the blogging world.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, please do choose the Post Name setting only.

That’s it, permalink structure which professionals use is the shortest one relevant and unique to your content.

If you have questions and other stuff to tell, please do drop them below and I’ll try to answer and help you with it.

Thank you for reading and I hope this will help you.