Revolut Mobile Bank Review: Satisfied

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Revolut is a truly online bank which means it has no physical locations and is fully operated online.

All operations are done online. It’s the reason why Revolut has caught many people’s attention.

It is now one of the most installed mobile banks and the numbers are still rising.

With the days of physical monetary slowly becoming a past, mobile banks are hitting the market so fast.

As of writing, Revolut already has over 8 million users and as they claim is increasing 600 000 a month.

It was launched in July 2015 and has since been improving. It is a UK-based company which makes it an operation center in Europe.

Now let’s do the review.


Since the Revolut wallet app is fully online, it might be a question on how it is friendly with anyone who’ll open an account.

It may not be the most minimalistic app but it’s not so complex neither.

The user registration is quite easy including the user verification.

Through the app, I could say that it’s not crowded with unnecessary functions and that all you need is right on the settings page.


Unlike other online mobile banks, Revolut doesn’t charge for most of its features even with a free account.

It doesn’t mean though that they don’t charge any fee.

If you’ll only use Revolut as your home country bank, then you shouldn’t worry yourself much.

But if you’re going to use it for travel or to send money globally, then you will need to pay fees then.


Since I’m only using Revolut as my home country bank then I can’t really speak for travellers, but I do know how it works.

I’ve had no issues using Revolut mobile bank since I started to sign up for a free account.

I also wish that I won’t be encountering any in the future.

There’s a feature in the app where every time you spend, you can set aside an amount to be filled in your piggy bank.

Then you’ll be saving without you even noticing. You’ll be the one who can decide how much of the spent amount will be going to the piggy bank.

With a Revolut account, you’ll get free USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, and more currencies available to put your money in.

Remember though that according to the terms and conditions, you can’t take these things for granted to buy and sell currencies.

Crypto Inclusion

What I initially didn’t know about Revolut is that they actually offer cryptocurrency balance.

It allows you to have crypto on your app but you don’t have your own wallet and you can’t pretty much do anything with it.

So I assume that you can only use it to actually store crypto to your account. Like, you can buy when crypto is low, then sell it when it’s highly valued already.

As of the writing, Revolut offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP which you can convert from each other instantly.

Revolut Wallet Card

With a truly mobile bank, of course, there would be a payment card.

Revolut offers a free VISA card which you can order once your account has been verified.

I use my Revolut card most of the time when paying something. Because I have cards from other companies too which I will try to review in the near future.

By using the VISA card on the country where you ordered it, you won’t be charged any fees. But by using it overseas, fees vary.

I’m not a fan of the choice of color of the card because it was a combination of different colors which I think they did to lessen card color selection. Brilliant.


I always put this on my online bank reviews. KYC verification.

Revolut requires its users to undergo the KYC verification which helps identify each and every customer who’ll sign up on them.

It helps prevent account theft and lots of other things that involves human interaction.

The verification didn’t take so long for me, I think it was just a matter of minutes but it may differ from what you’ll experience.

All in all, I recommend Revolut because of how minimalistic their interface is and their support can be contacted directly on the app.

Also, there are no hidden or unnecessary fees to use it. One might even say that it’s totally free.

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  • Is Revolut a scam? No
  • Is Revolut safe? Yes
  • Is Revolut a credit card? No
  • Is Revolut a bank? Yes
  • Is Revolut FCA regulated? Yes
  • Is Revolut free? Yes, but fees apply.


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