Shortlinks by Pretty Links WordPress Plugin Review

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You’ve probably heard about short links before. These are links that are shortened to get better ones.

Also called by many, pretty links.

Now, let’s take a look at the Pretty Links plugin available on WordPress repository.

If you simply produce articles that don’t have affiliate links, then you probably don’t need this plugin.

However, if you add affiliate links to your WordPress articles, this plugin is a must.

What are Short Links and Pretty Links?

These are the type of link which uses a website’s domain to create a shortened version of a certain link.

For example, it is recommended to apply pretty links to links like this –

You don’t want your link looking like that. And so you need to install Pretty Links to make it,

That’s how pretty links work. They make use of your domain and produce a prettier version of it.

The usage of this is helpful too if you want to mask an affiliate link.

Such as links from CJ, Flexoffers, Amazon, Viglink, and other affiliate services that you integrate into your website.

Now let’s dive into the Pretty Links plugin review.


Does installing the Pretty Links plugin negatively affect your website’s performance?

It depends on which hosting environment you are in.

If you’re currently hosting your website on a shared server, then it might do a small impact on your site’s performance.

But this isn’t something you should concern about too much. It won’t slow down your website to the extent that it will load forever.

However, if you’re on a VPS or Dedicated server, you should see no negative impact on your website’s speed.


Pretty Links is a free plugin which is available from the WordPress repository.

To do the simple functions like making your links prettier, the free version is enough and there’s no need to upgrade to the pro version.

With this tool doing what it’s supposed to do for free and with a user-friendly interface, it is indeed a great plugin.

Short linking

As a short linking plugin, Pretty Links deliver well.

What it does is it redirects the URL given to a link generated by it with a 307, 302, or 301 redirections.

  • 307 – temporary
  • 302 – temporary
  • 301 – permanent

Those are the types of redirections available in the plugin.


With this plugin, it ensures that your short links are delivered correctly and also allows you to track those links.

This plugin provides you with the best redirection tools for your long or ugly links.

If you have other plugin recommendations which also helps with short links. Please drop them below to let other webmasters know about it.

But for me, I recommend going with this one to ensure the most stable pretty linking service.