Trygghetsavtale – Worst Way to Get Insurance

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Trygghetsavtale is a company based in Sweden that offers insurance for various electronics or even your apartment. But today, we’re not going to talk about the company itself. I’m gonna tell you my ongoing experience with them.

I have a laptop that I delivered for repair to a Norwegian company called Elkjøp. It is a big company in Norway that sells various electronic devices. With that laptop, I availed the “trygghetsavtale” which is basically an insurance for the laptop. I paid at around 2,000 kr (for a 3-year insurance) for it.

So unfortunately, my brother accidentally spilled coffee on it. It is then needed to be repaired to look for underlying issues because physically, there is no obvious damages. But since I want to be sure, I still brought it to the Elkjøp – for them to repair it with the trygghetsavtale.

It has been three weeks now and there was no progress at all. They keep on saying that I need to turn of the “Find my Device” on my laptop. It is a MacBook Pro. But I already did after they inconveniently informed me about it one week after handing on my laptop to them. I understood that part, because maybe they are so busy doing “more important things” to tell that to me when I first got there.

But then, after a week. I got a message again saying that the Find my Device is still turned on. So I don’t know if it’s a bug or some deeper technical issues because I already did that as I’ve mentioned before. So now I checked iCloud again and deactivated anything that is connected to my laptop. Even though there isn’t really anything to anymore.

Three weeks have passed and there was no progress at all. My laptop has only gotten to-and-from the workshop without them actually doing anything. So IN MY EXPERIENCE, it has been’t good. Everything takes a week before they’ll notify you about it.

If you are planning to get trygghetsavtale or if you’re offered it, it is best to turn it down or otherwise you will need to wait more than three weeks to get your device fixed. It has cost so much inconvenience to me because I use it all the time.

Tell us about your experiences too to make people aware of trygghetsavtale’s hassle insurance.

Image by ar130405 from Pixabay