Two Sides

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Remembering the past
Should’ve done though
I’m chained to who I was
And I live alone in the dark

Give me a reason to smile
‘Til I saw you
You were shining like the stars
But then I remember…

I live on the other side
Nowhere to go and hide
Stuck forever, not what I wished for
We were like black and white
Never meant together

Overlooking the present
Gives me nonsense predictions
Like it was already the end
And no roads to leave a trail

I said remember when we were
All smiling like it was nothing
We were brighter than the sun
But then I remember…

I run to the wild
Found a way to the other side
I left it all behind
And now I paint the world
With colors
We’ll go together

Let’s go up
Never going down
Find a path
And never lost track
We’ll go together
We’ll go together