XTrend Speed Trading App Review

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Image source: Pixabay

XTrend Speed is a forex and precious metals investment apps which is registered and licensed under Rynat Capital (Pty) Ltd. It lets user deposit an amount of at least $10 to start trading. This amount can then be traded on the various assets that this app offers.

Is it a SCAM?

NO. XTrend Speed is not a scam. Even though their support system and high fees are disappointing, XTrend Speed is a legit trading app.

Is it FREE?

YES. XTrend Speed is free to download on Google Play and the App Store. It requires no fees to sign up for an account or any irrelevant payments about account creation. You only pay for the trades and other subscriptions relevant.

DO we recommend it?

NO. We don’t recommend installing this app because of how long the withdrawal can take. Also, if there would occur some problems while using the app, the support system won’t be of any help even though you’re a VIP member (purchasable in the app). However, if you like having big bonus deposits, then XTrend Speed is your home.